"Bocca" Armchair Design Studio 65, year 1970

The Italian Style & Design


The etymology of the noun “design” is from the ancient Latin de+signum; “de-“, which means “out” and “signum”, which means “mark, sign”. So, the meaning of design is “to mark out", in other words, e.g., “to draw lines around (something) so that it can be clearly seen” (by Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

The Italian Design School is a virtual institution on the web. Its headquarters are inside a blue cloud, that is flying over Italy.

Our Mission is to show the great beauty of Italian Design, from its origins, to the present day, in the most beautiful country all around the world.

Our vision is to add up new innovative technologies to harmony and unity, to build together an environment of life and work more and more in keeping with man.

This is the great challenge for a neo-humanism that could help man in the pursuit of his own happiness.

  D&G - DOLCE & GABBANA, Spring Summer 2019

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2019

If there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first,” the late visionary Sergio Marchionne said.

Inside the Valentino Factory, Fall 2018