Business Warfare School

This project was born in order to satisfy the needs, now no longer postponable, as regards the creation of new entrepreneurs, taking into consideration the fact of having to operate today, in a global market, extremely liquid and fluctuating, but being placed at an advantage by the Internet.

Today, the problems that grip young people willing to emerge, are essentially linked to the lack of a "School", which, through adequate training, motivates them to "set up a business", stimulating them to the personal success they could obtain in society and the consequent contribution of GDP and employment.

Therefore, this project is intended to encourage the birth of new SMEs and to foster their ability to internationalize their production and this, using suitable strategies and tactics of a "business warfare".

The suitable tools will be identified to produce innovation especially as regards the enhancement of the corporate brand (communication, marketing, sales), in order to be able to identify those competitive advantages, which allow you to always settle in higher positions in the market.

The present initiative will include both a training course and a practical value and the work plan will focus not only on theoretical bases, but also and above all on specific practical projects.

The goal is to build a business model together, which makes innovation, ethics, creativity and sustainability its strengths, contributing to incessantly increasing its value chain in a continuous search for new competitive advantages.

The new entrepreneurs of the Third Millennium should operate in a mobile and flexible way, be characterized by an intellectual dynamism, which allows them both to proceed with the solution of problems, and to always achieve new results and this by making available to them a permanent training process, which does not it ends with the end of their studies, but that it is projected throughout their professional life, allowing them to continuously acquire new knowledge, attitudes and notions.

Here are the Seven Pillars of the Business Warfare School

1.   The Motivation to Personal Success.

The drive for success is the main motivation of this School.

2. The Strategy and Tactics to "Fight" into the Market

This is the central pillar of the course, in which the foundations of the war plan inside the market are developed

3. The Business Management

This pillar offers training in the various areas of entrepreneurship and management, deepening the fundamental issues, both on strictly technical areas, such as finance, marketing and economics, and on the development of personal skills, such as leadership and management.

4. The Industrial Design

The project therefore intends to encourage new entrepreneurs to seek new methodological tools in order to propose an evolving mental scale oriented towards the construction of product-system maps and more articulated and performing design practices.

5. The Innovative Marketing Plan

This pillar identifies an innovative type of marketing concept, which would be able to overcome the problems of perception and affordance which germinate and are determined using methodologies based on the proposals on an emotional level.

6. The Brand Image and the Advanced Communication Plan for Business

This Session is aimed at new entrepreneurs, who intend to deepen those issues, typical of the Communication Sciences, necessary for strategic choices in business management and within the internal and external interrelationships of the company.

7.   The Business Plan

This is the final pillar of the whole "Business Warfare School", which must summarize all the acquired knowledge and express the entrepreneurial vision.