Personal Branding Class (prior info)


The adjective "mass", which had made history in the last century (mass communication, mass media, mass production, mass consumption) has now completely transformed into that of "personal" (personal computer, personal trainer, personal shopper). Personalization is the leitmotiv of the third millennium, it is a complete turnaround also in the markets (C2B); today we want customized cars, customized garments and not only in the luxury sector. This also has repercussions on the scale of values ​​to achieve goals, to succeed and to obtain social recognition. Thus a new creative class is born, made up of people who wish to leverage on their individual abilities to distinguish themselves from the "mass". And "personal branding" is their marketing strategy, through which they are characterized and distinguished in a unique and immediately recognizable way. These people, in effect, represent the brand of themselves, as their public image perfectly outlines their mission, their shared value and their style of communication. And to effectively achieve their consecration in society, this new creative class must follow a real ritual. First of all, the Ethos, that is the respect of the rules of the game, in compliance with the behavioral models of the environment in which they operate. Then the Logos, or the ability to communicate with one's peers, in their society and in their own time, in order to approach and persuade others, to find a common language that makes clear, understandable, simple and convincing what is difficult, obscure, veiled and complex. Finally, the Pathos, that is, to amplify its visibility with an adequate scenography, applied in a way compatible with all the media used and, above all coherently, so as to always guarantee a little more than what was promised.