Course in Advanced Communication

The Course in Advanced Communication leads to the ambitious goal of delineating a training path, with innovative tools for young managers and entrepreneurs, so that companies can be more competitive, mobile and flexible on the global market scenario. We started from the assumption that economic theories are no longer able alone to effectively support businesses in their course of fluctuations and economic contractions, to effectively reach the "global village", even for the ever more decisive contribution of a whole range of new paradigms (sharing, intangible values, corporate brand, etc.), in the context of the present "Communication Era".

So, we need new methodological approaches, which take due account of all the forces in the field, so as to ensure a strategic and holistic formation capable of refining peculiar skills with continuous and multidisciplinary inputs, alternating ancient and traditional orientations with the current ones, which emerged powerfully, especially after the sboom of the “New Economy”.  

It is, in short, to create a new training course, a business school, aimed at creating a motivated leadership for success, which leads to the connotation of the values of the corporate mission and reveals the possibilities of sharing innovative vision, with a training plan for young entrepreneurs, based primarily on the development of applied strategic sciences, in an essentially practical declination.

This sturdy and advanced course of study is intended as a high educational level training tool and put in a SME School, where the noun "School" intends to highlight the teaching performed by "masters" (professors and university researchers, visiting professor, entrepreneurs, professionals, specialists and managers), selected on the basis of their competence, professionalism and ability, in order to transfer the participants the basic knowledge of the individual disciplines and an operational vision of the business activity.

The following is a list of some areas of competence, that are based on the peculiar aspects of Advanced Communication and Strategic Marketing and that will be proposed using the most up-to-date teaching methodologies existing at international level, also for a future extension of the educational offer:

  • Corporate communication and image strategies and corporate leadership:

·         Advanced strategic marketing,

·         Cognitive psychology,

·         Tangible and intangible assets' value strategies, the enterprise,

·         Identifying assets that add value to the brand,

·         Planning tools, even on the network, of advanced strategic marketing,

·         Interpretation of market signals and strategic use of information:

·         Corporate intelligence sources and their effective use,

·         Benchmarking results as value testing,

·         Analysis of strengths and weaknesses,

·         Groupings of companies,

·         The name and brand identity,

·         Communicate their skills of excellence and optimize internal and external business communication with the customer,

·         Defense of intellectual property,

·         The strategic business marketing plan: vision and mission. Choosing priorities, goals, decisions, actions, tactics, strikers.

·         Advanced strategic analysis models.

·         The bases of the growth strategy (segmentation, differentiation, prices), enterprise allies in the global and global markets,

·         How to implement value without waste of resources and excessive investment.

·         The role of external relations, communication, image and leadership