Marketing to Success


 Many people have tried to give a definition of "marketing" and even dating its birth is difficult. Certainly the first industrial revolution contributed to its development, consequently to the increase in consumer needs and the saturation of the markets with "mass production". Over the years, marketing has also evolved and, as a "tool" available to companies, has had implications in other areas, such as, for example, that aimed at increasing the success of those who use the techniques and which is currently identified with the noun of "personal branding". In fact, a marketing plan can be set up to achieve different results: corporate marketing, tourism marketing, HR marketing, tribal marketing, relationship marketing, network marketing, experiential marketing, sensorial marketing, knowledge marketing, ethical marketing, etc. In this case we will take into consideration the "marketing of success", which consists in the adoption of new sequences of behavior able to resolve and overcome particular situations, conflicts and problems, in order to obtain a personal realization in the environment in which one operates. Being successful does not only mean having creative abilities, but knowing how to approach and persuade others, to find a common language that makes understandable, clear, convincing, simple what is difficult, obscure, veiled. Our behavior is always conditioned by specific evaluations: is him a good person? is him intelligent? does him achieve results? Each individual is, in fact, judged on the basis of a set of values ​​of various kinds: the dress, the gestures, the way of interacting, the behavior. In summary, each person has, as a "social dress", a wealth of values ​​that refer to different areas: economic, political, religious, aesthetic, hedonistic values, etc. In today's society of weak and ambiguous behaviors, therefore, the way to present oneself (or to present one's own values) in a precise and transparent way, leads to be a winner in interpersonal relationships. In today's competitive culture, success acquires more and more the meaning of a valuable ritual; connects to the "rules of the game" and to a situation of "victory", and addresses itself as the "consecration" of a success and this also by sharing one's knowledge and life experiences with others. This course is intended for all those who wish to have an initial "basket of tools", which allows them to play an important part on the stage of life.